February 2016 Driver of the Month

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When Greg Brohman of Grand Rapids was informed he had been selected as the February 2016 Arrowhead Transit Driver of the Month, he laughed.
“I’m the complainer of the month,” he told Transit Manager Sandy Wheelecor. “I’m always telling you what’s wrong. And when people get on my bus, they say, ‘not you again.’”
“That’s not true,” said Sandy. “You’re wonderful. Everybody knows you’re wonderful.
“Greg will do anything for anybody. He’s always helping everyone out. He’s very patient, kind, good hearted. He’s always happy, always smiling. And he does his job well. I know I can count on Greg because he does all the little things that have to be done to do the job right.”
Greg has been a driver with Arrowhead Transit for two and a half years. He’s retired from Hibbing Taconite. But he hasn’t retired from much else. He’s an EMT, a volunteer fire fighter; a tour guide for Hill Annex State Park. He also is a Midwest Firearms Instructor.
Transit Driver Kris McNeil added, “He does a ton of stuff for his church. He’s got ten grandkids and he’s always doing something for them. And he’s a good baker. A few days ago he made cupcakes for everyone on his bus to celebrate the birthday of one of his riders because she had told him she had never had a birthday cake before.”
We are so pleased to have Greg Brohman as one of our drivers.
Congratulations Greg, on being Arrowhead Transit’s Driver of the month for February 2016!