January 2016 Employee of the Month

Lucas Warren, dispatcher for Arrowhead Transit, lucas & scottwas selected as Transit’s very first employee of the month.

“I can’t say enough good about Lucas,” said Scott. “I can give him anything and nothing throws him.
“He’s really good on the phone. He likes everybody and people can sense that. Plus he’s fast.”

Lucas has been a dispatcher at Transit since October of 2014.
“It’s a good job,” said Lucas, “–if a person can handle it. A lot of times I’m handling like five things at a time. I’m on the phone with a customer. I’m adding a trip to the computer (RouteMatch), I have three radios in my office for the drivers from three different counties. Plus I do payroll for the drivers and dispatchers.”
“I have a lot of good people working for me,” said Scott. “It was hard to choose. They all do good work. But I’ll have to say that Lucas has really distinguished himself.”
Before coming to Transit, Lucas worked as a cook at several different restaurants including the Whistling Bird. “I liked being a cook,” said Lucas. “But even more, I like helping people. Now that it’s cold, we’re are busy. As a dispatcher I need to know where all our buses are, and the best way for our drivers to go to pick up and to drop off all our riders.”

Lucas often drives bus in the afternoon. Wherever he’s needed, that’s where he drives.
He lives in Buhl now. He grew up in Virginia. He has a seven year old son.
“What do I do with my free time? Whatever my son wants to do. If he wants to go sledding, we go sledding. If he wants to play video games, we play video games.

“I’d recommend this job. The toughest part is learning all the routes and knowing where the buses go, or don’t go. The pay is better than being a cook. The benefits are better.”

So congratulations Lucas. You are a great representative of Arrowhead Transit. Plus, we all like you!

“That’s true,” said Scott. “Lucas gets along with everybody.”