March 2016 Driver of the Month

Robert Kruth picture

“I have exceptional drivers,” said Transit Manager Voni Smolke when she was asked to choose a “Driver of the Month.” Voni is responsible for Pine and Carlton County for Arrowhead Transit. “In both counties I have several drivers who are excellent. How can I pick one of them as better than all the others?”

It took some persuading, but when Voni finally agreed to choose a “Driver of the Month,” she didn’t hesitate: “Bob Korth,” she said. “He just quietly does everything. Whatever I ask him to do, he does. And he doesn’t have to be told what to do. If it needs to be done, he does it.”

Bob Korth is one of the three original drivers hired by Arrowhead Transit when it began operations in Pine County in 2011. The other two drivers are Glenn Westing and Darlene Wetchen.

“I am so happy for him,” said Darlene when she heard that Bob was chosen as Driver of the Month. “But you do know, Bob does not like to be recognized. He likes staying in the background. He is always there to help anybody out. Sometimes we have to call him after hours. Whenever we call, he’s right there to assist.

Glenn agreed. “Bob is quiet but he’s well like by his co-workers and by all of his riders. He’s really dependable.”

Darlene had more to say. “He always does over and above. He does the paper work on the routes and takes care of whatever changes need to be made. You know you can trust him to do things right.”

Bob retired from the Department of Agriculture at age 55. “I put in 33 ½ years. But I needed something to do, so I started driving bus. I like the job because it is low stress. I like driving. I’m not outgoing like Glenn or Darlene. I know most of the people who take the bus by name. They tell me, ‘I’m glad you’re here.’ Then they get talking about politics or religion. Mostly I just listen; or I throw in a one liner here or there.”

Newcomer to Arrowhead Transit in Pine County and mayor of Finlayson Xavier Villarreal said, “Bob definitely deserves “Driver of the Month.” He’s the one who trained me in. I think trains in everybody. He knows all the routes and he teaches us all that computer stuff. Really nice guy. He’s quiet you know.”

So, sorry to bring it to everyone’s attention, Bob, but congratulations on being Arrowhead Transit’s Driver of the Month for March 2016. We are thankful and proud to have you as one of our drivers!