April 2016 Driver of the Month

terryThis picture is not of Terry Johnson, our April Driver of the Month. Only on the condition that we didn’t take his picture did he agree to be named Driver of the Month.



“Terry is an excellent driver,” said Transit Manager Scott Olson. “He’s one of several drivers that I have that are just outstanding.”
“I like driving,” said Terry. “But the best part of this job is the people you meet. I’ve liked getting to know my passengers. You’ve got to keep an open mind. They’re good people. I like who I work with too, the other drivers, the dispatchers. This is a very decent place to work.”
Terry, who will be 65 this Friday, is retired from the Virginia Public Utilities. “I put in my 32 years. It was a good job, but I’m glad to be doing something else.”
He lives in Aurora where he and his wife had a Senior Adult Foster Care in their home. “That was a lot of work,” said Terry, “24/7, 365 days a year.”
He has a couple of kids; a daughter who lives in Urbandale, Iowa. “I’ve got a couple of grandkids there, aged 15 and 6.” He also has a son who lives in the Los Angeles area.
Terry drives just about every route. “I do the Dial-A-Ride in Virginia. On Friday I go up to Ely and drive their Dial-A-Ride.” He regularly drives the Babbitt run. On afternoons he does the DAC run to Aurora and Hoyt Lakes and then the regular commuter run to Aurora and Hoyt Lakes. On Wednesdays and Thursdays he may drive the Range Center route to Chisholm.