Our super easy to use public bus service

We have buses in all eight counties of Minnesota’s Arrowhead.
We have scheduled buses that travels from one town or one place to another town or place.
We also have Dial-A-Ride buses in thirteen towns.
For information about what type of bus service is available in your town, and the cost, click on your county and then click on your city within that county: schedules-by-county.

All our bus service requires that you call our dispatch to arrange for your ride: 800-862-0175. Our dispatcher will need to know:
Where to pick you up
Where you need to go
When you need to get there
If you need to use our bus lift because you are in a wheelchair or using a walker, please let our dispatcher know.

For best service, please call at least one hour ahead for your ride. If you wish, you can set up your ride up to one month in advance. If you do not need the ride you called in, be certain you call to cancel your ride.

The Arrowhead Transit Dial-A-Ride picks you up right at your front door and drops you off right where you need to go.

From all eight counties of the Arrowhead, we provide bus service to Duluth and/or Brainerd one or more times a month. We also have many bus routes between cities in the Arrowhead. Check out our schedule by clicking on the county where you wish to travel. All buses are fully handicapped accessible and the seats are designed to safely secure car seats. Certified service dogs are welcome. Bicycles may be brought on the bus.

If you have had your 90th birthday, you are entitled to an unlimited free pass on any of the Arrowhead Transit buses. To get your pass, call me. My name is Larry Rodgers. I am the marketing coordinator at Arrowhead Transit. My phone number is 218-735-6815.

Disabled vets ride free. Just show our driver your VA ID card.

Arrowhead Transit also has a program that uses volunteer drivers to get people to their medical appointments