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As the Director of Transit at Arrowhead Transit for the past year, Brandon Nurmi has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s trajectory.

In a recent interview, Brandon shared his professional journey as he gradually ascended through the Arrowhead Transit ranks. He reflected on his experiences, saying, “I started as a part-time bus driver at Arrowhead Transit. I was here driving for about a year before I became a full-time driver, then moved into dispatch.”

Brandon’s path unfolded organically, encompassing roles such as safety and training, area manager, Assistant Director, and ultimately, Director. His role as Assistant Director was multifaceted, involving financial management, communication with funding sources, policy implementation, and community engagement. Brandon’s commitment to community involvement was evident as he emphasized, “I always invite others (community representatives) to come to the TAC (Transit Advisory Committee Meetings).” Brandon is heavily focused on good, positive community outreach and connection.

As Director, Brandon spearheaded administrative restructuring to enhance efficiency. Reflecting on the changes, he said, “Jack (Larson), the previous director, did a fantastic job with Arrowhead Transit and expanded it to the monoliths that it is today. My focus is on increased efficiency, definition of roles and responsibilities, acquiring more community input, do more team building, and implementing more technology into our day-to-day.”

Beyond Arrowhead Transit, Brandon actively engages in lobbying efforts, particularly on issues affecting volunteer drivers and rural American transportation access. He explained, “Our focus points for the last two times that we went (lobbying) has been on volunteer medical rides.”

Looking ahead, Brandon envisions a future where Arrowhead Transit embraces multimodal approaches. He emphasized, “My expectation and hopes are that with private and public partnerships, with already existing or upcoming transportation providers, we can devise a central way for patrons to schedule all of their trips in one cohesive spot.”

As Arrowhead Transit gets ready to celebrate its 50th year of service (2024), Nurmi’s aspirations extend beyond meeting immediate transportation needs. He envisions Arrowhead Transit as a pioneer in developing multimodal transportation options, stating, “I think we will take a leadership role in our regions for being able to start moving in that direction. We are definitely not the only ones doing it (multimodal transportation). It’s a statewide effort.”

With a blend of experience, foresight, and a commitment to community-centric transit solutions, Brandon Nurmi continues to steer Arrowhead Transit towards new frontiers in public transportation.

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