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For the past 5.5 years, Julia Dupla has been at the helm of Arrowhead Transit, serving Chisago, Isanti, and Pine Counties with unwavering commitment. In an exclusive interview, Julia shares her insights and experiences, offering a glimpse into the heart of Arrowhead Transit.

Julia chuckles as she recounts a typical day filled with safety and training procedures. Her journey with Arrowhead Transit began when her husband, a truck driver, recognized her managerial skills and encouraged her to apply. “He’s always had managers that never cared, and he thought since I’ve been a manager before, I would make a good driver manager because I would pay attention to them,” Julia explains.

Transitioning from her previous job in the Twin Cities (Minnesota), Julia embarked on a new adventure with Arrowhead Transit. “It was a challenging start,” she admits, reflecting on the initial hurdles of building relationships with drivers and mastering the intricacies of the role. Despite the obstacles, Julia’s perseverance paid off, and she now proudly serves as the Transit Manager for Chisago, Isanti, and Pine counties.

Julia’s dedication extends beyond managing bus routes and schedules; she’s deeply invested in fostering positive relationships with both her team and the community. “We’ve watched our dial-a-ride bus finally launch in Cambridge,” she shares, highlighting the milestones achieved in expanding transportation services. With a keen focus on employee retention and community engagement, Julia’s leadership has contributed to the steady growth of Arrowhead Transit’s ridership.

Looking ahead, Julia’s vision for the future includes a comprehensive route redesign aimed at enhancing efficiency and accommodating public feedback. Despite the challenges faced along the way, Julia remains undeterred, guided by her unwavering commitment to providing quality bus service to the communities she serves.

As Julia reflects on her journey with Arrowhead Transit, one thing is clear: her passion for ensuring accessible and reliable transportation services knows no bounds. With a dedicated team by her side, Julia continues to navigate the ever-changing landscape of public transportation, driven by a shared commitment to excellence.

Join Our Team: Arrowhead Transit is more than just a bus company; it’s a community of dedicated individuals passionate about making a difference. If you’re ready to embark on a rewarding career journey and contribute to the vital work of providing transportation services to those in need, we invite you to explore our job opportunities and become a part of our great team.

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