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Andrew Johnson was selected as Driver of the Month for May.

Hard work is rewarding.

Andrew Johnson recently learned that lesson. He is a bus driver for Arrowhead Transit in Virginia and was named the Driver of the Month for May.

“No way,” Johnson said after learning of the award. “I have really wanted to be Employee of the Month everywhere I have worked, so this feels really good.”

Transit Manager Brian Hartman said Johnson was deserving of the award.

“He is very reliable, he always shows up and works hard,” he said. “Andrew is a good team player who always does what is asked and never complains. You can never have enough employees like him.”

Johnson started working for Arrowhead Transit about a year ago after his dad suggested he apply. He said he typically worked two part-time jobs at a time prior to being hired as a full-time bus driver.

“It was life-changer,” he said. “It is a great career, and I’m really appreciative of this opportunity.”

Johnson said there is never a dull moment for a bus driver.

“I like that I can drive to all sorts of different places,” he said. “I’m not always going to the same area at the same time. There is no set routine. It is different, which I enjoy.”

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