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Arrowhead Transit is committed to fostering a safe and positive environment for all passengers.
Our Passenger Code of Conduct is designed to promote the well-being and positive experiences
of everyone using our services, ensuring a respectful and inclusive transit community.

This policy applies to all individuals utilizing Arrowhead Transit services, public transit services.
This document serves to clarify expectations for customer conduct so that customers, family
members, contracted providers, support staff and the public understand expectations while by
adhering to these guidelines, passengers contribute to creating a supportive atmosphere for
themselves and others.

Expectations to Ensure a Positive Transit Experience:

  1. Fare/Tickets
    • Contribute to a fair and equitable transit system by paying the appropriate fare or using valid passes.
    • When requested, have passes ready for verification purposes.
    • Passes are exclusively for individual use and unable to be transferred, shared, or sold.
  2. Respect Others/Noise and Disturbance
    • Help to support a welcoming atmosphere by treating fellow passengers, transit staff, and property with respect and courtesy.
    • Maintain a considerate noise level and use headphones when listening to audio devices.
    • Avoid language and/or behavior that may cause discomfort, disturbance, or harm to others.
  3. No Smoking or Substance Use
    • Uphold a healthy and clean environment by refraining from smoking, vaping, or using illicit substances in transit vehicles and stations, in compliance with the Minnesota Indoor Clean Air Act.
  4. Seating
    • Demonstrate consideration for others by respecting individual boundaries.
    • Offer seats near the boarding areas of the bus to those who may benefit from them.
  5. Cleanliness and Maintenance
    • Help to keep a clean and well-maintained transit system by disposing of trash in provided bins when you exit the bus.
    • Promote a safe and comfortable environment by reporting any damage or issues to transit staff.
    • To preserve the cleanliness of seating areas, please keep any soiled items on the floor next to your feet.
    • Please consume any food prior to boarding the bus.
    • Ensure that all personal beverages are in covered or sealed containers.
  6. Safety Precautions
    • Protect yourself and others by wearing the provided seat belts.
    • Actions or behaviors that may interfere with the safe operations of the transit vehicle could lead to suspension of riding privileges and/or legal consequences.
    • Adhere to safety guidelines and regulations posted by the transit agency.
  7. Pets and Service Animals
    • Pets are welcome on buses if they are kept in animal carriers.
    • Service Animals are not considered pets, but please be aware that Emotional Support or Crime Deterrent animals are not considered Service Animals for the purpose of Public Transportation.
    • Owners must ensure that they always maintain control of any animals on the bus.
  8. Personal Belongings
    • Be mindful of securing your personal belongings in a way that allows for unobstructed pathways.
  9. Emergency Procedures
    • Prioritize safety during emergency situations by promptly following instructions from transit staff.
    • When instructed, exit the bus calmly and follow safety instructions.
  10. Consequences of Non-Compliance
    • Incidents of non-compliance will be evaluated on a per case basis. Any possible actions taken will be handled as defined in Arrowhead Transit’s Service Suspension and Appeals policy.
  11. Reporting Violation
    • Help ensure a pleasant and safe riding experience by reporting any violations to transit staff.

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