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John Botta is a casual bus driver for Arrowhead Transit.

Experienced staff are an important part of every company, and John Botta is part of that for Arrowhead Transit.

The longtime bus driver was awarded Employee of the Month for March. Botta is in his second stint as a bus driver for Arrowhead Transit, primarily driving students to and from AEOA Head Start.

Botta was originally hired by Arrowhead Transit in 1999 before taking time away to own and operate two local businesses: The Freeze in Virginia and Bernie’s Pub in Gilbert. He has since sold both businesses and returned to Arrowhead Transit as a casual bus driver. 

Botta said he was interested in bus driving because he had many years of experience as a truck driver and already had a CDL. 

“John is very pleasant,” said Transit Manager Brian Hartman. “He does a great job driving the kids in the Head Start program.”

Hartman added that Botta is very flexible.

“He is always willing to help wherever he can,” he said. “He even looks for ways that he can do more to make Arrowhead Transit more efficient.”

Botta said being awarded Employee of the Month was a huge surprise.

“It means a lot, especially after having been here for so long,” he said. “I really appreciate it.”

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