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Arrowhead Transit plays a crucial role in connecting communities across Northeastern Minnesota through its Dial-A-Ride service. As the leading Transit Authority in Aitkin, Cambridge, Cloquet, Duluth, Ely, Eveleth, Floodwood, Gilbert, Grand Marais, Grand Rapids, Hermantown, International Falls, Moose Lake, Mountain Iron, North Branch, Pine City, Two Harbors, and Virginia, Arrowhead Transit ensures that residents have access to affordable and reliable public transportation options.

1. Aitkin:

Residents in Aitkin benefit from Arrowhead Transit’s Dial-A-Ride, providing a cost-effective solution for convenient travel within the community and beyond.

2. Cambridge:

Cambridge residents benefit from Arrowhead Transit’s services, providing a vital link for residents to access essential destinations in and around the city.

3. Cloquet:

Arrowhead Transit’s presence in Cloquet ensures residents have access to curb-to-curb transportation, enhancing mobility and connectivity.

4. Duluth:

Duluth residents have a reliable travel partner in Arrowhead Transit, supporting the community’s transportation needs.

5. Ely:

Ely residents have a reliable travel partner in Arrowhead Transit, supporting the community’s transportation needs.

6. Eveleth:

Arrowhead Transit contributes to Eveleth’s accessibility, offering residents an affordable and efficient mode of transportation.

7. Floodwood:

Floodwood residents benefit from Arrowhead Transit’s Dial-A-Ride, providing an essential transportation link for the community.

8. Gilbert:

Gilbert residents enjoy the benefits of Dial-A-Ride, enhancing mobility and connecting the community to neighboring areas.

9. Grand Marais:

Grand Marais residents enjoy the convenience of Dial-A-Ride, connecting them to neighboring communities and facilitating travel within the picturesque region.

10. Grand Rapids:

Arrowhead Transit’s Dial-A-Ride service in Grand Rapids ensures affordable and efficient transportation, contributing to the city’s accessibility.

11. Hermantown:

Hermantown residents can rely on Arrowhead Transit for affordable and convenient transportation options, ensuring community connectivity.

12. International Falls:

International Falls residents have a reliable travel option with Arrowhead Transit, fostering community connectivity and accessibility.

13. Moose Lake:

Moose Lake residents can rely on Dial-A-Ride for low-cost transportation, fostering community engagement and accessibility.

14. Mountain Iron:

Mountain Iron residents benefit from Arrowhead Transit, ensuring reliable transportation and connectivity within the community.

15. North Branch:

Arrowhead Transit serves North Branch, contributing to the community’s accessibility and supporting public transit initiatives.

16. Pine City:

Pine City residents experience the convenience of Arrowhead Transit’s services, supporting the town’s transportation needs.

17. Two Harbors:

Two Harbors residents can count on Dial-A-Ride to navigate their community and explore neighboring areas seamlessly.

18. Virginia:

Arrowhead Transit’s Dial-A-Ride in Virginia enhances the city’s transit options, providing an affordable solution for residents.


Arrowhead Transit’s Dial-A-Ride service is a cornerstone of public transportation across Northeastern Minnesota. With a commitment to affordability and reliability, Arrowhead Transit continues to empower residents, ensuring seamless connectivity and accessibility in each of these vibrant communities. Explore the Arrowhead Transit schedule for your city and experience the convenience of Dial-A-Ride today.

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