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Tom Johnson (Aurora, MN) has assumed the role of Assistant Director of Maintenance at Arrowhead Transit, bringing a wealth of experience and a commitment to elevating the efficiency of transit maintenance operations.

Tom’s journey into the realm of automotive and transit maintenance is marked by a disciplined and methodical approach. A former Army electronics repair specialist, Tom transitioned into civilian life by working with a staffing agency, focusing on heavy equipment for the mining industry around the Iron Range.

Driven by a pursuit of knowledge, Tom pursued a two-year degree in Automotive Technology at Hibbing Community College. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for his entry into the automotive industry, where his dedication and expertise flourished, culminating in his attainment of the title of master technician with General Motors.

Arrowhead Transit welcomed Tom into its fold nine months ago, initially appointing him as the Maintenance Manager in the Gilbert location. In this capacity, his responsibilities included overseeing timely vehicle maintenance and repairs, with a particular emphasis on refining preventative maintenance strategies.

Tom expressed his vision for Arrowhead Transit’s maintenance department: “I’m hoping to get it to be more preventative instead of repair. Catching things before they break. More on the inspection side, so that we can catch it before it’s sitting on the side of the road with a problem.”

Tom’s commitment to operational excellence and innovation became evident through the implementation of a specialized app developed with Fleetio. This app streamlines maintenance tracking, facilitating more efficient reporting and eliminating communication gaps between drivers and the maintenance shop. The result is a more proactive and streamlined approach to maintenance operations. “It lets us track time between, so if a bus has been out for so many months without being looked at, we know about it.”

In his vision for Arrowhead Transit’s maintenance department, Tom envisions leveraging technology to systematically track maintenance intervals, conduct preemptive vehicle inspections, and enhance overall operational efficiency. The app has already proven invaluable in monitoring the usage of wheelchair lifts and ensuring timely inspections.

Tom’s professional journey, from military service to a seasoned automotive professional, underscores his dedication to continuous learning. Currently pursuing a two-year degree in business operations management, Tom seeks to elevate Arrowhead Transit’s maintenance team to new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

On a personal note, Tom resides in Aurora with his family. The move to a smaller town aligns with his preference for a close-knit community, reflecting a commitment to providing his children with optimal educational opportunities.

As Tom looks ahead, his anticipation for the transformation of Arrowhead Transit’s maintenance department is palpable. With a robust foundation and an unwavering commitment to proactive maintenance, Tom Johnson is steering Arrowhead Transit towards a future of enhanced operational efficacy on the Iron Range roads.

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