All Arrowhead Transit buses are in compliance with the ADA and equipped with wheelchair lifts.

In July, Arrowhead Transit resumed its North Shore bus service, bringing joy to passengers and drivers alike. Dominick Olivanti, the PR coordinator, notes the consistent presence of smiling faces on board.

This service links Grand Marais to Duluth, with stops in Silver Bay and Two Harbors, every Tuesday at 7 a.m. Thunder Bay residents also utilize this service, exemplifying its inclusive nature.

Under the guidance of new executive director Brandon Nurmi, Arrowhead Transit is embracing technology with updates to their website and the development of a user-friendly app.

With a strengthened team, including a new transit supervisor, calls are now answered more efficiently. Beyond transportation, Arrowhead Transit aims to engage the community through a Transit Advisory Committee meeting on November 9 at 10 a.m. in Grand Marais.

For the full story, tune in to WTIP North Shore Community Radio. 🎙️👉 Listen here. Arrowhead Transit is not just about reaching destinations; it’s about connecting hearts and communities. 🚌😁🌲

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