Due to staffing shortages, services & routes have been reduced for these counties: Cook, Chisago & Isanti. Temporary schedules have been added to those respective web pages.

Para paseos
Teléfono: 800-862-0175

Opciones de número de teléfono de despacho

  • Aitkin, opción 4
  • Carlton / Cloquet, opción 3
  • Chisago County, option 13
  • Condado de Cook, opción 8
  • Hermantown y Rice Lake, opción 9
  • Isanti County, option 12
  • Condado de Itasca, opción 4
  • Condado de Koochiching, opción 5
  • Condado de Lake, opción 7
  • Pine City, opción 6
  • Condado de St. Louis, opción 2

Purchasing tickets/passes

Individuals: Books of one-way tickets or unlimited monthly passes may be purchased from a bus driver with cash or check. They may also be purchased with a credit/debit card by contacting Tony Potter at 218-735-6815 or (tony.potter@aeoa.org).

Organizations: May request an order form by contacting Tony Potter at 218-735-6815 or (tony.potter@aeoa.org). These orders may be invoiced.

Personal de tránsito Arrowhead

Director Jack Larson, 218-735-6807 (jack.larson@aeoa.org)
Director asistente Joe Gentile, 218-735-6800 (joe.gentile@aeoa.org)
Assistant Director Brandon Nurmi, 218-735-6837 (brandon.nurmi@aeoa.org)
Assistant Director Colette Hanson, 218-735-6814 (colette.hanson@aeoa.org)

Supervisores de área:

Marketing/Public Relations:
Coordinator Tony Potter, 218-735-6815 (tony.potter@aeoa.org)

Volunteer Driver Program:
Transportation Supervisor Kristin Deutsch, kristin.deutsch@aeoa.org
Transportation Coordinator Scott Olson, 218-735-6886 (scott.olson@aeoa.org)
Transportation Advocate Randy Hokkanen, 218-735-6873 (randy.hokkanen@aeoa.org)


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