All Arrowhead Transit buses are in compliance with the ADA and equipped with wheelchair lifts.

Para viajar, marque:

800-862-0175, opción 7

Comuníquese con Arrowhead Transit con al menos una hora de anticipación para programar una hora de recogida y un lugar de entrega específico. El despachador pedirá:

  • Hora y lugar exacto de recogida
  • Dirección de destino
  • Número de personas que viajan contigo
  • La hora exacta de las citas.
  • Información del viaje de regreso

Two Harbors Dial-A-Ride
Arrowhead Transit provides Dial-A-Ride services for anyone who lives within the city limits of Two Harbors.
Cost is $1.50 per ride, $15.00 for a book of 10 one-way tickets or $27.00 for an unlimited monthly pass. It runs:

  • Monday through Friday,  7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Beaver Bay, Silver Bay & Little Marais to Tofte
Monday through Friday
7:10 Beaver Bay
7:25 Silver Bay
7:40 Little Marais
8:00 Tofte
3:00 Tofte
3:20 Little Marais
3:35 Silver Bay
3:50 Beaver Bay

Grand Marais to Duluth

Pickup one way fare:
7:15 Grand Marais $10.50
7:40 Grand Marais Senior Center $10.50
9:00 Family Grill in Silver Bay $5.50
9:45 McDonald’s in Two Harbors $3.00

Drop off:
10:30 DTC – Duluth Transit Center
10:40 Essentia Health, 3rd street
10:50 St. Luke’s, Building A
11:10 Miller Hill Mall, Door 8
11:20 Walmart

Afternoon Pickup:
2:30 Duluth Airport – Call in only
2:50 Walmart
3:00 Miller Hill Mall, Door 8
3:15 St. Luke’s, Building A
3:25 Essentia Health, 3rd street
3:35 DTC – Duluth Transit Center

This bus can pick up along Hwy. 61.

Please make reservations no later than noon on the Monday prior.

Purchasing tickets/passes

Individuals: Books of one-way tickets or unlimited monthly passes may be purchased from a bus driver with cash or check. Books of 10 one-way tickets can also be ordered with a credit or debit card by contacting Melinda Nelson. She can be reached at 218-735-6851 or

Organizations: May request an order form by contacting Jennifer Tarr at These orders may be invoiced.

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