We apologize for any inconveniences you may experience, but our services/routes may be limited starting Feb. 1 due to staffing shortages. Arrowhead Transit is focused on keeping our employees, clients and customers safe as everyone adapts to operating protocols that align with the challenging conditions that we’re all faced with on a daily basis.

Para viajar, marque:

800-862-0175, opción 6

Comuníquese con Arrowhead Transit con al menos una hora de anticipación para programar una hora de recogida y un lugar de entrega específico. El despachador pedirá:

  • Hora y lugar exacto de recogida
  • Dirección de destino
  • Número de personas que viajan contigo
  • La hora exacta de las citas.
  • Información del viaje de regreso

Purchasing tickets/passes
Individuals: Books of one-way tickets or unlimited monthly passes may be purchased from a bus driver with cash or check. They may also be purchased with a credit/debit card by contacting Colette Hanson at 218-735-6814 or (

Organizations: May request an order form by contacting contacting Colette Hanson at 218-735-6814 or ( These orders may be invoiced.

Pine City Dial-A-Ride
Arrowhead Transit provides Dial-A-Ride services for anyone who lives within the city limits of Pine City.
Cost is $1.50 per ride, $15.00 for a book of 10 one-way tickets or $27.00 for an unlimited monthly pass. It runs:

  • Lunes a viernes de 8 a. M. A 6 p. M.
  • Sábado, de 9 a. M. A 5 p. M.
  • Domingo, 8 am - 2 pm

Sandstone to Pine City
Every Thursday
9:30 Sandstone
9:50 Hinckley
10:45 Arrive at Walmart in Pine City
1:00 Leave Walmart in Pine City
This bus can also take riders to wherever they need to go in Pine City.

Sandstone to Harris, Hinckley, Sturgeon Lake, Mora & Beroun
Monday through Friday

Hinckley to Sandstone 2:20

6:15/2:50 to Harris 6:55/4:55
7:15/9:00/2:50 to Hinckley 7:30/9:40/3:10
6:45/2:50 to Sturgeon Lake 7:05/4:45
6:50/2:20 to Mora 7:25/4:20
6:50/2:20 to Beroun 8:40/2:40

Sandstone to Cambridge & North Branch
1st Friday of the month
8:30 Sandstone
8:50 Hinckley
9:15 Pine City
10:00 North Branch Outlets
10:30 Cambridge
1:00 Leave Cambridge
1:30 Leave North Branch Outlets
Call by noon the day prior to make reservations. Requires 5 passengers. Call in 4 other reservations, and you ride for free.

Pine City to North Branch
Monday through Friday
Pine City 6:30/6:40/2:50
North Branch 7:15/7:30/4:20/4:30

To Duluth
3rd Friday of the month
7:30 Westchester
7:35 Senior Center
7:40 North Pines Apartments
7:45 Our Redeemer Lutheran
7:50 Hillside Apartments
7:55 Halter Pines
8:00 Holiday (Freeway)
10:00 Arrive at Miller Hill Mall in Duluth
2:00 Leave Miller Hill Mall in Duluth
Call by noon the day prior to make a reservation. Requires 5 passengers. Call in 4 other reservations, and you ride for free.

Monthly Specials
There are currently no special routes scheduled.

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