Servicios programados son las paradas que hacen nuestros autobuses cada hora o cada día de la semana. Si hace clic en el condado y luego en la ciudad, se mostrarán todas nuestras paradas programadas.

Rides must be scheduled at least one day in advance. Please call our dispatch at 1-800-862-0175 between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday to schedule a ride.

All of our buses have fare boxes. If you would like to purchase bus tickets (instead of paying the fare every time you get on the bus), our bus drivers have tickets they can sell you. The tickets are in books of ten. To purchase a book of tickets from a driver, you must pay with cash or check. Drivers do not carry change.

Books of 10 one-way tickets can also be ordered with a credit or debit card by contacting Colette Hanson. She can be reached at 218-735-6814 or

Prices for books tickets and can be found by clicking on your county under the bus schedules tab.

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