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In July 2023, Arrowhead Transit made a significant investment to North Shore Transportation Services with the reintroduction of its route from Grand Marais to Duluth. This revival marked a pivotal moment in providing essential transportation services to Northern Minnesota, and the subsequent success in ridership has exceeded expectations. As we celebrate this achievement, Arrowhead Transit looks forward to future expansions, promising continued reliability and connectivity for the communities it serves.

  1. Reviving the Route: July 2023 Arrowhead Transit’s decision to reinstate the Grand Marais to Duluth route in July 2023 was met with enthusiasm from both residents and visitors. The strategic revival addressed a critical need for efficient and dependable transportation, re-establishing Arrowhead Transit as a vital component of the regional transit network.
  2. Exceeding Expectations: Beyond Successful Ridership Since its reintroduction, the ridership on the Grand Marais to Duluth route has been nothing short of remarkable. The community response has demonstrated the essential role that Arrowhead Transit plays in fostering connectivity and accessibility for those living in the Northern Minnesota region. The success in ridership serves as a testament to the effective planning and execution of this crucial transportation service.
  3. Future Expansion: A Promise of Continued Connectivity Encouraged by the positive reception and high ridership, Arrowhead Transit is actively considering expansion plans to further enhance its services. The goal is to extend the reach of reliable transportation, ensuring that more communities benefit from the connectivity provided by the Grand Marais to Duluth route. The commitment to expansion reflects Arrowhead Transit’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the region.
  4. A Call to Action: Keep Riding! As Arrowhead Transit looks towards a promising future, riders are encouraged to continue utilizing the Grand Marais to Duluth route. The ongoing support of the community is instrumental in demonstrating the importance of accessible and dependable transportation. By consistently using the services, riders contribute to the sustainability and growth of this essential transit link.


Arrowhead Transit’s successful reintroduction of the Grand Marais to Duluth route in July 2023 has not only met but surpassed expectations in terms of ridership and community impact. As the service continues to thrive, Arrowhead Transit remains committed to providing reliable transportation services and looks ahead to potential expansions. The message is clear: Keep riding, and together, we can sustain and build upon the success of this crucial transit route, fostering connectivity and accessibility across Northern Minnesota.

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