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Nicholas Duryee is a bus driver in Pine County for Arrowhead Transit.

The backbone of every relationship – both personal and professional – is trust.

“He’s very reliable and kind,” Transit Manager Julia Dupla said of Nicholas Duryee. “He helps with everything, even if he doesn’t know the route. He’ll fill-in whenever and wherever he’s needed.”

Duryee was awarded the Employee of the Month honor for November. He has been employed by Arrowhead Transit as a bus driver in Pine County for three years.

“It’s very, very cool to be appreciated,” he said. “I’ve just always wanted a job where I was helping people, and this very much feels that way.”

Duryee added that he likes to keep busy, especially when it means he gets to be outdoors or on the road.

“I like being out and about interacting with people,” he said. “… And if I’m not working, it’s always nice to go fishing or hiking and enjoy the fresh air.”

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