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Arrowhead Transit Excited to Serve the Hibbing Community

Hibbing, MN – June 27, 2024 –

The City of Hibbing and Arrowhead Transit are thrilled to announce that Arrowhead Transit will be providing the Hibbing Area Transit services starting on Aug. 1. This marks a significant
milestone for both the company and the community.

“It is no secret that city leaders and staff endured significant procurement and supply chain
issues in operating Hibbing Area Transit during and post the pandemic,” said Mayor Pete
Hyduke of the city-run service. “We have jumped a lot of hoops, done our due diligence and
exhausted all of our options.”

No bids were received for a third-party operator through two RFP processes within the past year.
“We are thankful to those who have helped us offer uninterrupted services and look forward to
passing the baton to Arrowhead Transit come Aug. 1,” Hyduke added. “We are confident they
will take good care of our community members and their transportation needs.”

As the largest and fastest-growing city on the Mesabi Iron Range, Hibbing presents an exciting
opportunity for Arrowhead Transit to expand its services and further connect the Iron Range
communities to vital healthcare, employment, and housing in the region.

Arrowhead Transit aims to foster a smooth transition and build strong connections with the
Hibbing community. Arrowhead Transit is committed to developing efficient, high-achieving
routes that meet the diverse needs of all consumers—whether they are current users or
individuals looking to switch to public transportation.

“We are incredibly excited to bring Arrowhead Transit to Hibbing,” said Sandra Wheelecor,
Assistant Director of Operations at Arrowhead Transit. “Our team is dedicated to working
closely with the community to create a public transportation system that is both reliable and
responsive to the needs of Hibbing’s residents.”

We need your help Hibbing! This unique transition in services will empower you and your
neighbors to reach out and discuss current bus stops, businesses to target, and needs from you.
The best place to reach our team is or you can call our team
directly at 1-800-862-0175.

“We believe that the best way to serve Hibbing is by listening to its residents,” added Wheelecor.
“We encourage everyone to join us and be a part of shaping the future of public transportation in

Arrowhead Transit is excited to embark on this new journey and looks forward to building a
strong partnership with the Hibbing community. Together, we can create a public transportation
system that is efficient, accessible, and beneficial for all.

“Arrowhead is the largest public transit agency in the state and second in the nation. They know
this business,” said Hyduke. “We welcome them to Hibbing and look forward to supporting their
efforts in offering uninterrupted, convenient transit services for our residents and visitors.”
For more information about Arrowhead Transit and the “Hello Hibbing” campaign, please visit or follow us on social media

About Arrowhead Transit:
Arrowhead Transit is a leading provider of public transportation services in Minnesota, with a
mission to provide affordable, safe, accessible public transportation and supports independent
living and self-reliance. With a focus on community engagement and customer satisfaction,
Arrowhead Transit strives to enhance the quality of life for all its riders.

Media Contact:
Dominick Olivanti
Marketing and Public Relations
Arrowhead Transit

Kelly Grinsteinner
Marketing & Communications Manager
City of Hibbing

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