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In Minnesota’s expansive geography, Arrowhead Transit stands as the largest rural transportation service, covering 20,525.74 square miles across 10 counties. As the second-largest public transportation service in the United States, Arrowhead Transit seamlessly connects communities, ensuring accessibility beyond city limits.

Unveiling the Geo-Specific Marvel:

Arrowhead Transit’s commitment to connectivity is evident across the diverse landscapes it serves. From Aitkin to Virginia, our services are strategically tailored to meet the unique needs of each community.

Whether it’s the Monday to Friday pickups in Floodwood, the round-the-clock availability in Cloquet, or the exclusive service hours in Ely, Arrowhead Transit integrates itself into the daily rhythms of Minnesota life.

Efficiency and Accessibility:

Operating throughout the week with extended hours on weekdays and reduced but strategic schedules on weekends, Arrowhead Transit ensures that residents from North Branch to Two Harbors experience the convenience of public transportation. In areas like Hermantown, services extend from Ugstad Road and east to Morris Thomas Road and north, providing a lifeline for residents and connecting them seamlessly to Minnesota’s transportation network.


Arrowhead Transit’s dominion over Minnesota’s expansive geography is not just a testament to its size but a celebration of its commitment to serving communities. As we traverse through the landscapes of Aitkin, Cloquet, Virginia, and beyond, Arrowhead Transit emerges as a unifying force, connecting communities in the grand tapestry of Minnesota.

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