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Bus Driver Mike Zganjar was named Employee of the Month for September.

Being a bus driver is a simple, straightforward job.

“If you’re good with people and a good driver, then being a bus driver is the right job for you,” said Mike Zganjar.

The 23 year old is the youngest driver for Arrowhead Transit, driving for the Ely and Virginia Dial-A-Ride services. Zganjar was selected as Employee of the Month for September due to his hard work and kindness to riders, said Transit Manager Brian Hartman.

“Mike is a quick learner,” he said. “He’s always willing to learn routes and take on new tasks.”

Hartman added that Zganjar is a positive person.

“Mike is always in a great mood,” he said. “He’s really great with all of our riders.”

Zganjar credited the customer service experience he’s gained from previous jobs.

“I’m just very friendly,” he said. “I’ve made sure to get to know all the regulars, which is the most enjoyable part of being a driver.”

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