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On a crisp day filled with excitement, Arrowhead Transit captured their Super Bowl commercial. Dominick Olivanti, Arrowhead Transit’s Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator, shared insights into the behind-the-scenes action of this memorable day.

The shoot was a community affair, with close to 40 volunteer actors spanning generations, from infants to octogenarians. Representing a diverse mix of Arrowhead Transit staff members and service users, they came together to bring the commercial to life.

Acknowledgments were extended to the City of Virginia, Minnesota for their indispensable support in facilitating road closures, ensuring a seamless production process. Olivanti also expressed heartfelt gratitude to all who generously contributed their time and effort to the project.

The day kicked off early, with the Arrowhead Transit team setting up a spread of refreshments for the actors. Despite the chilly weather, with temperatures hovering around 13 degrees Fahrenheit, the presence of sunshine provided some respite until the winds picked up later in the day. Nevertheless, spirits remained buoyant throughout.

Olivanti shed light on the creative genesis of the commercial’s concept, which underwent several iterations before settling on the idea of showcasing the bus as the quintessential mode of transportation. The scene featured bouncy balls and a lone pot, injecting an element of whimsy and ingenuity into the shoot.

Despite the logistical challenges, such as coordinating bouncy balls and sustaining energy levels throughout the day, Olivanti emphasized the enthusiasm and positivity exhibited by all participants. Regardless of age, everyone embraced the experience with laughter and smiles, resulting in a well-executed commercial.

As the Super Bowl commercial made its debut, Arrowhead Transit expressed gratitude to all viewers, hoping that the lighthearted journey depicted on screen brought joy to audiences far and wide.

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