Arrowhead Transit will not be operating on Independence Day (July 4, 2024).
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Arrowhead Transit is a transportation company that contracts with medical assistance (MA) providers. The contracts allow Arrowhead Transit to provide coordination and schedule non-emergency transportation for clients.

What do volunteer drivers do? Volunteer drivers provide individuals in need of transportation with a means of getting to and from medical appointments. 
Who qualifies to be a volunteer driver? Anyone who is: • Age 18 or older • Has a valid driver’s license • Has proof of insurance • Has a clean driving record • Has not had a suspended license or DWI within the past 3 years • Has had no felony convictions 
What type of insurance coverage must a volunteer driver have? A volunteer driver is required to provide enough insurance to allow them to drive legally in the state of Minnesota. 
What type of vehicle can be used? The vehicle must be safe, dependable and clean. Volunteer drivers use all different types of vehicles from small subcompacts to large SUVs. 
How can I become a volunteer driver? Contact Transportation Advocate Randy Hokkanen at (218)735-6873 or

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