Arrowhead Transit will not be operating on Independence Day (July 4, 2024).
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Program Overview: Arrowhead Transit contracts with medical assistance (MA) providers to coordinate and schedule non-emergency transportation for clients.

Role of Volunteer Drivers: Volunteer drivers provide individuals in need of transportation with a reliable means of getting to and from medical appointments.

Qualifications for Volunteer Drivers:

Insurance Requirements: Volunteer drivers must have sufficient insurance coverage to comply with legal requirements in the state of Minnesota.

Approved Vehicles: Vehicles used by volunteer drivers must be safe, dependable, and clean, ranging from small subcompacts to large SUVs.

Read the 5 Steps below to becoming a volunteer driver and submit a form to start the process. Feel free to reach out, initiate the process, and become a valued member of the Arrowhead Transit Volunteer Driver Program.

To have a recruiter contact you, please fill out the following form.

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