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As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, communities in Arrowhead Transit’s service area have witnessed an outstanding fall athletic season. From football to volleyball, cross country to girls’ swimming, the dedication and hard work of these teams have not gone unnoticed. Today, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the programs for their remarkable achievements. In particular, we want to spotlight the exceptional accomplishments of a few standout teams.

Football Triumphs

Mountain Iron-Buhl, Braham, Moose Lake – Willow River, Esko, and North Branch have demonstrated extraordinary skill, determination, and teamwork this season. These teams have risen above challenges and emerged as Section Champions, earning the right to compete at the state level. Their victories have brought immense pride to their respective communities, showcasing the strength and talent within Arrowhead Transit’s service area.

  • Mountain Iron-Buhl: Section 7 9MAN Champion & State Participant
  • Braham: Section 7A Champion & State Participant
  • Moose Lake – Willow River: Section 7AA Champion & State Participant
  • Esko: Section 7AAA Champion & State Participant
  • North Branch: Section 7AAAA Champion & State Participant

Volleyball Excellence

The volleyball courts have seen fierce competition this season, and three teams have emerged as champions in their respective sections. Ely, Rush City, and Grand Rapids have displayed exceptional skill, teamwork, and determination, securing their positions as Section Champions. Their victories have inspired their communities and serve as a testament to the dedication of their coaches and players.

Cross Country and Girls’ Swimming

The achievements of the cross country runners and girls’ swimming teams have been nothing short of spectacular. Their hard work and training have culminated in impressive state performances. These athletes have shown exceptional dedication to their sports, and their successes inspire us all.

Looking Ahead

As the fall season comes to a close, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming challenges and triumphs of the girls’ swimming teams as they gear up for sections. We have no doubt that their dedication and teamwork will lead to further achievements and inspire their communities.


The fall athletic season in Arrowhead Transit’s service area has been marked by outstanding achievements, and we extend our warmest congratulations to all the programs, coaches, and athletes involved. The hard work, sportsmanship, and teamwork displayed throughout the season are a testament to the strength and talent within our communities. We look forward to witnessing even greater accomplishments in the seasons to come. Well done, athletes!

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