Due to staffing shortages, services & routes have been reduced for these counties: Cook, Chisago, Isanti & St. Louis. Temporary schedules have been added to those respective web pages.

To ride the Arrowhead Transit bus, please call:


Then choose the option number for your area. The options are:

And tell the dispatcher:

  1. Where you are
  2. Where you want to go
  3. When you want to get there
  4. When you want to go back

It’s that simple!

All of our buses have fare boxes. If you would like to purchase bus tickets (instead of paying the fare every time you get on the bus), our bus drivers have tickets they can sell you. The tickets are in books of ten. You can also purchase unlimited monthly passes for all of our Dial-A-Rides that you can obtain from your driver.

Tickets and passes can also be ordered through email. Contact tony.potter@aeoa.org with your requests.

Prices for tickets and passes can be found by clicking on your county under the bus schedules tab.

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