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Arrowhead Transit operates a dependable public transportation solution for the community of Cambridge, Minnesota, focusing on practicality, efficiency, and community integration. Let’s explore the essential data and operational insights that define Arrowhead Transit’s role in Isanti County.

1. Operational Overview: A Year in Figures

In 2023, Arrowhead Transit facilitated a total of 42,607 rides in Isanti County, demonstrating a consistent commitment to the growing public transit needs of the community.

Monthly Ridership Breakdown for 2023:

  • January: 3,492
  • February: 3,209
  • March: 4,207
  • April: 3,848
  • May: 4,317
  • June: 4,199
  • July: 3,612
  • August: 4,082
  • September: 3,646
  • October: 3,979
  • November: 4,016
  • December: [Data not finalized]

2. Dial-A-Ride Impact in Cambridge

Dial-A-Ride in Cambridge played a significant role, constituting 15.35% of the company’s overall Dial-A-Ride usage, emphasizing the local importance of this service.

3. Cambridge’s Transit Significance

Passengers in Cambridge comprised 10.1% of the total passengers served company-wide, showcasing the town’s need for Arrowhead Transit services.

4. Mileage Milestones: 2 Million Miles Traveled

Arrowhead Transit covered over 2 million miles across its network, reflecting a dedication to reaching every corner of the community and providing reliable transportation.

In summary, Arrowhead Transit’s operations in Cambridge, Minnesota, embody practicality and community support. The data speaks to a consistent and essential public transit service, weaving connectivity throughout Isanti County. Arrowhead Transit’s role in Cambridge goes beyond statistics, representing a utilitarian and indispensable transportation solution for the local community.

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