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Mark Greenwood is a bus driver for the Virginia and Ely Dial-A-Ride services offered by Arrowhead Transit.

There’s more to the day-to-day duties of a bus driver than simply driving passengers from point A to point B.

Mark Greenwood embodies that notion. He’s a Virginia and Ely Dial-A-Ride driver for Arrowhead Transit.

“It’s about listening to the riders, and getting to know them as people,” he said. “I really enjoy getting to intermingle with the people.”

Greenwood was nominated for Bus Driver of the Month for December 2020 by Transit Manager Brian Hartman.

“It makes me feel very good,” Greenwood said. “I try to do my best every day. I always come to work in a good mood so I’m ready to help out the people I give rides to.”

Hartman said the qualities that make up a good driver are patience, caring, flexibility and the ability to think on their feet, as well as take responsibility for the bus and passengers.  

“Mark displays all of these qualities,” he said. “He always has a smile on his face, and is willing to help everyone. No matter how busy of a day Mark has had, he never loses his positive attitude.”  

Hartman said that Greenwood is one of the drivers that he can count on to take on any task. 

“He will always give his best effort, and make sure the project is a success,” he said. “Mark is simply a joy to work with, and that is why he is deserving to be the Driver of the Month.”

Greenwood is nearing his three-year anniversary at Arrowhead Transit. He previously worked in the electronics industry for more than 30 years, but decided to try his hand at a career that wasn’t as laborious. 

“I saw an ad for drivers, came into speak with a manager and was hired that day,” he said, noting he’d already had a commercial driver’s license for several years.

Learning all of the routes was the most challenging part of his transition into being a bus driver. Greenwood said he received extensive training that prepared him for the role.

“I learned a lot from everyone who helped train me, and that’s gone a long way.” he said. “It did take a while to learn where everything was in all of the towns. Now I feel confident that when a rides comes through dispatch I’m like, ‘Oh, I know where that is.’”

When he’s not bringing riders to the clinic, mall or elsewhere, Greenwood enjoys spending time outdoors.

“I love hunting and fishing, or taking my four-wheeler or boat out,” he said. “I’m really just like any other Iron Ranger.”

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