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Innovative Mobility Project for Arrowhead Community Transportation (IMPACT) Sole Source Notice

Notice of Intent to Issue a Sole Source Justification for Feonix-Mobility Rising to develop Software for the IMI.

April 22, 2021

Arrowhead Transit is a rural public transportation agency which serves the public across ten counties in Minnesota.  IMPACT intends to issue a sole source justification with Feonix – Mobility Rising to develop scalable technologies to enhance the riders experience and enable accessibility options. Feonix-Connect will develop a Maas Passenger App, Maas Driver App, and Volunteer “Scheduled/On Demand” App. Feonix-Connect will also develop a Maas Dispatcher Platform, Maas Ride Booking Platform, and Maas Online Booking Platform to provide fast and reliable transportation.

All interested providers must respond in writing with clear and convincing evidence to support their ability to provide IMPACT with an equivalent product within (7) seven business days of this notice via Brandon Nurmi, Assistant Director Arrowhead Transit,

This is not a solicitation for quotations, proposals, or invitation for bids.  IF parties choose to respond, any cost associated with preparation and submission of data or other cost incurred in response to this announcement are the sole responsibility of the respondent and will not be reimbursed by IMPACT.

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