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Natasha Edberg is a bus driver for Arrowhead Transit in North Branch.

Edberg named July Driver of the Month

A Chisago County bus driver has been recognized for her hard work.

Natasha Edberg drives for Arrowhead Transit’s Dial-A-Ride service in North Branch, and was chosen as the company’s Driver of the Month for July.

“Natasha is willing to work when needed, help others when possible and is very flexible,” said Transit Manager Julia Dupla.

Edberg started her career as a bus driver for the North Branch School District. She then went to work for Heartland Express before working for Arrowhead Transit.

“I am a mom of two so being a school bus driver was more convenient,” she said. “I decided to work at Heartland Express because I was looking to work more hours, plus this job is a little less stressful.”

Edberg said she misses working with children, but that she also enjoys working for Arrowhead Transit.

“The interactions and conversations with the passengers are great,” she said. “I also like that I’m constantly driving around because it makes the days go by quickly.”

Being named Driver of the Month shocked Edberg.

“I never expected it, but I’m very, very happy,” she said. “I already enjoy my job so this makes it better.”

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