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Sandra Wheelecor, currently serving as the Assistant Director of Operations at Arrowhead Transit, boasts a decade-long tenure with the organization, a testament to her commitment and expertise in the transit management sector. Her journey began external to the company, then assuming the role of Transit Manager.

“I started off as a transit manager, overseeing Aitkin and Itasca counties,” Sandra recalls. At that time, Arrowhead Transit operated solely in the northern areas, and the organizational landscape was different. “We didn’t have the Southern counties at that point. We didn’t have Chisago and Isanti, so we had only eight counties total.”

Over the years, Sandra’s responsibilities expanded, encompassing additional counties and managerial roles. “I ended up acquiring Koochiching when we started offering services in Chisago and Isanti counties. So we’ve kept shifting and reorganizing our counties,” she explains.

Her dedication extended beyond managing specific counties, as she took on the challenges of dispatch management for a substantial duration. “They told me I was gonna have it for six months. They gave it to me for six years,” Sandra reflects on her role in dispatch. However, her responsibilities evolved with organizational changes, allowing her to focus on her specific region.

Reflecting on her decade-long journey, Sandra highlights her continuous interest in understanding the transit system’s intricacies. “I know what goes on in this position. I know what’s required of this position,” she says. Despite her extensive experience, Sandra acknowledges the perpetual learning curve inherent in her role.

One notable aspect of Sandra’s current focus is the impact of COVID-19 on ridership. “I could never figure out where all of our riders went after COVID. Where did they go? Are they coming back?” she questions. Her goal is to delve into this matter, seeking ways to enhance ridership and understand the shifts in commuter behavior.

Before joining Arrowhead Transit, Sandra served as the Assistant Manager of Administration at Lowe’s for a decade. Her experience there, coupled with her academic background in business administration with a focus on accounting, laid a solid foundation for her role at Arrowhead Transit.

Sandra, a dedicated professional with a wealth of experience, now looks forward to leveraging her knowledge and skills as she navigates the challenges and opportunities in her current role as Assistant Director of Operations at Arrowhead Transit.

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