Arrowhead Transit will not be operating on Independence Day (July 4, 2024).
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Arrowhead Transit has been a driving force in the Quad Cities of Virginia, Mountain Iron, Eveleth, and Gilbert, Minnesota, providing essential transportation services. As we look back on our journey over the last few years, we are proud to have become synonymous with reliable, affordable, and accessible transit solutions in the heart of Minnesota. Let’s explore the range of services and schedules that have made Arrowhead Transit a vital lifeline for the Quad Cities community.

Diverse Services and Dial-A-Ride Options:

Arrowhead Transit offers a comprehensive array of services, including dial-a-ride options tailored to the specific needs of residents in Minnesota. Dial 800-862-0175 to access our services, with different options available for locations such as Mount Iron, Virginia, Ely, Aurora, Babbitt, Biwabik, Buhl, Chisholm, Eveleth, Floodwood, Gilbert, Hoyt Lakes, Meadowlands, Soudan, and Tower.

Key Routes and Schedules:

Virginia Dial-A-Ride:

  • Available within Virginia city limits, offering rides Monday through Sunday.
  • Convenient stops at various locations, ensuring accessibility for all residents.

Expanded Dial-A-Ride:

  • Extending services to Mountain Iron and South Grove, operating Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Inter-city Connectivity:

  • Connecting Virginia, Eveleth, West Eveleth, and Gilbert, Minnesota, providing rides at $2.50 per ride or $25.00 for a book of 10 tickets.

Additional Routes:

  • Services to Hoyt Lakes, Eveleth-Hibbing, Hibbing-Duluth, Orr & Cook to Virginia & Duluth, Babbitt to Virginia, and Ely to Virginia, catering to various needs and destinations.


Arrowhead Transit stands as a reliable and indispensable partner in the Quad Cities’ transportation network in Minnesota. Our dedication to connecting communities and ensuring accessible transit options is echoed in the comprehensive nature of our services. As we continue to evolve and grow, Arrowhead Transit remains committed to being the preferred choice for residents in Virginia, Mountain Iron, Eveleth, and Gilbert, providing reliable, affordable, and convenient transportation solutions for years to come in the great state of Minnesota.

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