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Dispatcher Janice Rollins was named Employee of the Month for August 2021.

An outstanding employee is someone who cares for both their clients and their coworkers.

Janice Rollins, a dispatcher for Arrowhead Transit, embodies that.

“I truly believe in being a team player,” she said. “We all care for each other here.”

Rollins was selected as Employee of the Month for August.

“It’s a very rewarding job,” she said of being a dispatcher. “The interaction with riders is special. They’re all so appreciative.”

Rollins’ previous employment was caring for those with special needs for about 20 years. 

“I loved that job,” she said. “It meant a lot to me to work with and get to know those people.”

After deciding to change careers to become a dispatcher, Rollins quickly found out that her new job wasn’t too different from her previous one.

“I still get to assist people with special needs,” she said. “I love that part of this job because it’s so rewarding to build relationships with them, and to see how we learn from each other.”

When she’s not helping clients schedule rides, Rollins enjoys gardening, watching football and spending time with her family.

“My favorite thing to do is be with my grandkids,” she said. “… I really enjoy that.”

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